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Move Boldly & Swiftly for Black Trans Lives


Image of Move Boldly & Swiftly for Black Trans Lives

"Move Boldy & Swiftly for Black Trans Lives"
Watercolor & ink

Ms. Afrika Queen Lockett is a self-described transgender woman born in South Africa and raised in Chicago. Ms. Afrika has spent many years struggling against the violences of homelessness and incarceration, much of which has been a result of discrimination she experienced as a woman of Trans experience & the criminalization of poverty. Most recently, she was incarcerated in IDOC for nearly 8 years, 3 of which were in segregation (solitary confinement). She believes it is her duty to stick up for herself and others.

In just a year since her release, she has become a staunch advocate for her Trans sisters and LGBTQ prisoners, and is beloved by her community in Chicago. She is a member of Black and Pink: Chicago.

It's been such an honor sharing so much space with and hearing her speak truth to power. I created this poster - with your favorite color in mind - to honor her existence, and to celebrate her resistance. Let's give Afrika roses while she's still here!

8.5x11 or 11x17 on acid-free paper

100% of the proceeds going towards supporting our queen in her daily needs.